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I always heard seized asset auctions were the best place to buy cars at unbelievable prices, but never really believed it. I was fortunate to discover the site which really broke down the "how to's" of buying cars at auction. I had no idea it was this easy to buy cars at wholesale prices !

R. Bradley
South Carolina

What an impressive site ! Not only do you guys make it easy to find cars at great prices, but you've also thought about every detail that a buyer would need to buy a car at auction. I not only made good use of your vehicle search, to buy my 2002 Mustang, but learned a lot reading your very informative tutorials. I am a very satisfied customer !

Rick J.

I joined your site, thinking I'd cancel my membership the very next day, but I continue to find hidden treasures on your site ! I bought a pristine, late model Honda for $1,700 and then found a foreclosed house which I'm now seriously considering as an investment. Thank you for building such a great site !

Patty H.
San Diego,

Better than I expected ! I joined other sites, that I found very dis-appointing, and later canceled. Needless to say, I wasn't expecting much for the $1 I spent on your trial membership. It turned out to be the best investment I ever made ! I found the car of my dreams, a Corvette for less than the down payment on a new car. Incredible ! I drive it every weekend. What a blast !

M. Bloomberg

When my daughter went off to college, I wanted to get her a good, reliable car for not a lot of bucks. Well, you guys delivered ! I bought a well maintained, surplus fleet vehicle that she's been driving through her third year of college, with absolutely no issues ! My 3 year old car has more issues than the $800 Ford Taurus I bought her. Excellent value ! I'm buying all my cars this way from now on. Thank you !!

Randy J.

Anyone considering a used vehicle shouldn't even think of buying any other way. I've been buying and selling seized vehicles for years, as my primary source of income. Your site stand head and shoulders above every other source I've used. Well worth the money !

G. Margoles
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